Hand Crafted Organic

  Deer & Elk           Antler
  Dog  Chews

       Naturally Shed | Premium Quality | all Natural


How Are Our Hand-Crafted And
Organic Antler Dog Chews Are Made?


Sourcing high grade, premium quality antlers naturally, while following our ZERO-CRUELTY policy.


Each antler is then carefully inspected, washed, custom cut, trimmed and sanded for your pet’s safety and enjoyment.


Once your order is confirmed, we pack each antler with lots of love and care. We do not add any chemicals or preservatives.

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Pets And Their Pawrents Love Our WhiteTails Natural Antler Chews

Why Does Everyone Buy From Us?

  • Made From Naturally Shed Antlers, Ethically Sourced in USA
  • Extremely Durable For Aggressive / Obsessive Chewers
  • Induces Calmness And Satisfies Urges To Chew
  • Safer Than Bones Which Might Break Off And Get Stuck

The No More List

  • No More Bone Pieces And Dirt
  • No More Chewing Furniture
  • No More Spending On Multiple Chew Toys
  • No More Sad Doggo

WhiteTail Natural Story

WhiteTail Natural Story

Once every year, deer and elk naturally shed their antlers in the forest. During this exciting time, the crew and our mascot Chops, here at WhiteTail Naturals leave on an expedition within Texas, the heart of Antler country. We start our journey by gathering all the equipment and some treats for my buddy. Then we spend hours looking for naturally shed antlers which are in exceptional shape and quality.

Once we bring back all the antlers, we start the process of inspecting, washing, cutting, trimming, and sanding the antlers so your pet can safely enjoy this delicious chewy treat. We do not add any preservatives, bleaching agent or any other type of chemicals.

After everything is done, we wait for customers like you who truly care for their dogs and their needs to place an order. We then pack and send our Antlers with Love and Care!

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